fā – langks (noun): a military formation used in ancient warfare which consisted of tight ranks of soldiers standing shoulder to shoulder, several rows deep, often with shields joined and spears projected forward.  The strength of the shield wall and mass of spears lay in the strength in unified numbers and maintaining order amidst the chaos of war.   



Our strength is in the numbers, maintaining order amidst the chaos of your financial reporting process.  At PhalanxFS, our primary goal is to prepare your financial statements both timely and efficiently, at a higher quality without the higher cost.  Our team of CPAs will be your front line, working with your auditor and fund administrator to handle your financial statements from initial planning through final audited statement release. 

Our collective experience, gained through previous lives in audit, tax, fund management, and financial statement preparation gives PhalanxFS the ability to excel regardless of investment strategy, fund structure, or administrator and audit service providers.  We bring efficiency to the financial reporting process, despite being an additional entity in the service chain.  Our clients, ranging from emerging managers to long-established institutional funds, will attest.


1. Financial statement preparation

a. Hedge funds

b. Fund of funds

c. Private equity

d. Real estate

e. Opportunity zone funds

2. Corporate accounting

a. Accounting system onboarding

   b. Corporate formation and structure consulting

c. Expense integration management

d. Budgeting and forecasting

3. Fund dissolution consulting